I dislocated my shoulder the about a week ago, and it has been hard to do some things, including drawing and writing. I’ve gotten a lot of mobility back now, so I’m back to drawing with my right. But last week I was practicing writing and drawing with my left quite a bit. Here are two of my favorite attempts.

I have to draw much more slowly with my left hand, and while I can’t apply the same pressure or manipulate the drawing utensil as I’d like to, I do kind of like the shaky line quality. Quite so!



Two friends discuss a suicide while sitting in Piccola’s, a pizza shop.
Transcript of eavesdroppings:
-I have these moments through out the day
-you’ll get it, you’ll get it
-just terrified
-you’re the ones that need it
-if you realize
-it’s even more selfish to tell someone that
-by drinking two gallons of antifreeze
-it was over him being dumped
-the last thing she texted was “lol”
-I was so mad.


People in the street seen from close to very far away. Some of them are in Paris, some of them are in Richmond.


After seeing a strange art show I went to the 3rd street diner for a beer and a slice of pie.