Rum Slaps


If y’all ‘aven’t ‘erd yet, we won Style Weekly’s 2012 comic competition.

As our prize, Andy Rees and I will be making a comic for style every two weeks. The Name of our comic is Rum Slaps, and the first one came out yesterday. Go grab a copy and tell me if you think it’s funny!

Here’s the comic that won. You’ll probably only get it if you live in Richmond, or if you’ve visited us here!

Humdinger Design Process


When Richmond entrepreneur Casey Werderman contacted me to do a label for his all natural craft soda, I was psyched. He told me the philosophy this logo was to embody: live a rip-roaring, risk-taking, follow your dreams kind of life. A real Humdinger. Of course we kicked around hundreds of ideas, including images of daring stunts, glorious injuries and blue-grass geezers.

Eventually we came upon something we both really liked–a hummingbird! He went through many evolutions too, of course.

Here’s a pic of the fridge at The Black Hand coffee shop, my first glimpse of Humdinger on the shelves! Check out Humdinger’s facebook page .

Brewed in Church Hill, Humdinger has a mission to give back to the community. I should also add that it is freakin’ delicious.